Release Date

March 2009

Bubblegum is the first single released by the Stunners.


The song lyrics playfully ask a boy if he wants a piece of the Stunners' bubblegum. They also reference how fun and undeniable they are once someone get to know the girls through their bubblegum.

In some cases, listeners believed that the song has dirty connotations of referencing more intimate relations with a boy. However, there is no confirmation from the band that this is the case.

Music VideoEdit

The video starts out with shadow outlines of the Stunners dancing against colored backgrounds as they sing about various things that can be done with bubblegum. (Taste it, bite it, chew it, pop it, etc.) The screen changes to each of the girls singing to the screen then to a bewildered boy who is being serenaded by each member of the Stunners. Eventually, Kelsey pops a piece of Stungum into the boy's mouth and he is transported to a candyland with the Stunners. The girls begin to dance around in the candyland and realize that the boy can follow their every move they perform. When he begins to dance a solo part after the girls wrap up, the girls stare credulously at him before marching out of the screen, with Marisol at the end making him spin before she takes her exit. Scenes of the girls eating candy and fighting over pieces of candy are interspered throughout. At the end, they all begin blowing huge bubbles and wrap the boy in them, leaving him dazed on the ground.