Spin the Bottle was one of the new songs intended for the band's 2011 CD. Although it was never released for purchase, the music video can be found on YouTube under the band's old channel.


This is another video which was shot and directed by the girls.

The video begins like a silent black and white film with the girls driving down a desert stretch of road when all of sudden, their car runs out of gas. Allie demands to know what the girls are going to do. At first they consider waiting for help, until one of them says that its better if they start walking to find the closest town. The girls walk for a bit before sitting down, worn out from the heat. Hayley pulls out a water bottle to take a sip, only to discover that its empty. She places the bottle on the ground and spins it before declaring that their situation sucks.

The video shifts to color as the girls notice 5 attractive, shirtless guys walking toward them. Some of them blink and check to make sure they aren't hallucinating. The scene changes to the girls at a party playing Spin the Bottle with an empty champaigne bottle. Hayley kisses a boy during her spin and Allie and Tinashe kiss each others' cheeks when the bottle lands on one of them. The bottle is moved to different groups as the girls sing the lyrics. Eventually, the bottle is set down on the table and spun one last time before it flashes back to the scene with the girls stranded by the side of the road.

They are busy daydreaming and sleeping when a car horn wakes them. A cute guy leans out the window and asks if the girls need a ride. Hayley nods and the rest of the girls look relieved.


Official video