We Got It is the second single off the Stunners EP.

Content and MeaningEdit

The beginning of the song starts with the entire group singing, "Dare you to get up and make a joke about us. Ah ha ha, ah ha ha..." Most of the background music has a synthesized mix of keyboard and guitar similar to DJ club music heard in clubs.

The song talks about having fun at a party with the group, who embrace their personalities regardless of what others may say. Some parts of the song throw around "I like...big speakers" which is a pun off the phrase "I like...big butts" in Sir Mix a Lot's Baby Got Back.

Music VideoEdit

The video was filmed by the group and some close friends who helped. Unlike the single, it skips the taunt heard in the beginning of the single and starts with the 'Ah ha ha, ah ha ha" part fading in. It takes place at a house party and involves the camera flashing to shots of the girls scattered throughout the house singing their verses. These individual scenes are mixed with scenes of the group on a stage in the house singing and getting the partygoers pumped to their song. Eventually, a pair of young boys appear at the party which makes the party stop temporarily before the Stunners yell for everyone to "Put your hands up!", which returns the party back to its upbeat mood.

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